It pays to make
the right choice.

Find comfort in knowing that we are with you in dealing with financial struggle and income loss during unforeseen events. Avail of various healthcare and hospital income packages from a partner you learned to trust for more than 35 years.

Catching Up for Real Change

As a membership network, IMS-ANEC takes pride in providing its members a new platform where they can instantly subscribe to exceptional healthcare products and hospital income coverages in the comfort of their homes. So, whether you are an individual looking for healthcare plans or a group member seeking to avoid unexpected bumps, you deserve coverage that suits you best. IMS-ANEC, being an extensive network, also enables its members to avail special privileges from our industry partners while enjoying the opportunity for a remarkable earning experience.

taking the high road Taking the high road
We realize that protection coverage is a basic right of every Filipino; not a privilege of the few. Count on us to secure yours.
evolving constantly Evolving constantly
We persevere in creating and recreating programs and models that only get better and better. Let us customize one for you.
providing only the best Providing only the best
We believe that our choices today impact our abilities to recover in emergencies. Let us help you make the best decision.
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Once a vision, now a reality!

IMS was established by a group of young professionals during the uncertain period of EDSA Revolution. Despite the political turmoil of 1985, IMS remained steadfast in pursuing its vision to create and produce affordable bundled products for the working and non-working populace.

As the company's collaboration with the best industrial partners continues to flourish, so does the commitment to ensuring that the company's offerings always remain superior, if not the best.

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IMS is not just a company, it is a community of people!

Today, as IMS evolves into a powerful force, we take pride in pioneering an extensive network composed of diverse people and various industrial partners who work together to advance common gains.

Tagged as All Nations Elite Circle (ANEC), the fusion was born out of widespread collaboration dedicated to uplifting the quality of life of all stakeholders. As an optimistic community, IMS-ANEC is another milestone for real positive change in the lives of each and every member - a gateway to special privileges and an access to incentives and rebates.

And did we say that ANEC membership is free? Yes, it is!

Frequently Asked Questions

We got you covered! You asked, we listened. Find the answers to your questions by going through our FAQs.

Why will I choose your company over others?

Our company has been in the business for more than 35 years with expertise in creating and reinventing packaged programs at affordable costs. Our dedicated teams handle customer service very seriously and our pool of dynamic partners are beyond compare.

Who can avail of your healthcare programs?

You can only avail of our healthcare packages if you are a member of All Nations Elite Circle (ANEC), a membership network built to advance common interests among members.

How can I become member of ANEC?

We have a different platform for ANEC memberships, but to make it easier for you, we will automatically enroll you as an ANEC member once you subscribe to any of our healthcare programs.

How much is ANEC membership?

ANEC membership is absolutely free - no hidden charges!

What benefits can I derive from ANEC membership?

Aside from getting access to all of our healthcare programs at a lower cost, ANEC members also enjoy the services of our merchant partners and earn points that can be converted into passive income.