About Us

Always first in taking the high road beyond boundaries

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Moving forward to another 35 years and beyond!

Never in the history of IMS have we witnessed emerging changes at such a rapid scale. Today, we anticipate a sweeping transition on our quest to take the high road beyond advocacy. Since 1985, IMS has evolved into a powerful force that delivers better quality of life to its members across the globe.

Nothing can stop us.

The world may have changed and life may have been on a pause but our passion to serve never ends.



To constantly adapt to the ever-changing needs of both clients and members, endeavor to establish a well-trained work-force, maintain competitive business advantage and uphold the principle of "profit with honor" and social responsibility.

To establish a well-organized, integrated and optimistic community of people working together to advance common interests hence enjoy the benefits of real change.



To pioneer a dynamic integration of various economic industries with innovative business models guaranteed to provide competitive advantages and increased revenues among stakeholders.

To build, link and bring together an extensive membership network through a widespread fusion of people from all nations regardless of their social, economic and religious affiliations towards achieving economic privileges among members.

"In life, nature abhors a vacuum, so never allow that space of yours be left unfilled otherwise someone will."

- RR Almanzor, Chairman

Our Dynamic Partners

Our unique alliance with the trusted leaders in the industry makes it possible for us to deliver excellent products and quality service, anytime, anywhere!