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Hospital Income Package for Groups

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An employer's responsibility to their workers does not end with providing them health security; they must also anticipate the flow of cash advances that oftentimes go hand in hand with every hospitalization. Hospital Income Benefit for Group is a complete protection program that compensates the loss of income during your worker's period of hospitalization. It allows workers to receive a daily amount of money that can be used for meeting additional expenses that are not covered by their health insurance. More than income loss protection, HIP also covers life insurance, AD, cash burial benefit and dental care services.

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  • ₱60,000 Hospital Income Benefit
  • ₱30,000 Life Insurance
  • ₱60,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit
  • ₱20,000 Cash Burial Benefit
  • Basic Dental Benefits


Maximum Coverage Benefit

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