Frequently Asked Questions

Where every product is bundled out of compassion!

Health Equity and Affordability

We priced our products within reasonable reach so that more people regardless of income level will have the capacity to obtain the health services they need, when they need them.

What benefits can I derive from ANEC membership?

Aside from getting access to all of our healthcare programs at a lower cost, ANEC members also enjoy the services of our merchant partners and earn points that can be converted into passive income.

For group subscription, how can we apply?

You can call us (our phone numbers are listed in the contact page) or send us a message through the contact form. We will immediately get back to you.

How do I subscribe to HIP online?

It is easy, just choose HIP in the product menu and choose the variant that is best for you. Payment is powered by PayPal. You can also choose a credit card as payment option.

Is my hospitalization covered by HIP?

You will enjoy a specific daily income stream while you are confined in the hospital for up to 30 days. However, your hospital confinement expenses shall be shouldered by the member.

How much is ANEC membership?

ANEC membership is absolutely free - no hidden charges!

What is the age requirement for HIP?

The package is offered to workers, employees, and members who are between the ages of 18 and 64 years old.

How can I become member of ANEC?

We have a different platform for ANEC memberships, but to make it easier for you, we will automatically enroll you as an ANEC member once you subscribe to any of our healthcare programs.

What is the Personnel Care Program?

The Personnel Care Program features hospital confinement benefits, out-patient coverages, dental care services, life and accident insurance protection, and annual physical examination (APE is optional) in one unique and comprehensive package.

Who is qualified to avail the PCP Program?

PCP is designed for workers in the industrial zones, manpower agencies, manpower cooperatives, and factories. Ideally conceptualized for companies deploying a minimum of 50 workers, PCP is the most sought-after product variant by agencies and company owners.

How can we subscribe to PCP?

You can call us (our phone numbers are listed in the contact page) or send us a message through the contact form. Our marketing executive can arrange virtual or physical meetings to explain the details moving forward.

Who can avail of your healthcare programs?

You can only avail of our healthcare packages if you are a member of All Nations Elite Circle (ANEC), a membership network built to advance common interests among members.

What is Hospital Income Benefit?

Hospital Income Benefit is an income replacement given to members when they are confined in the hospital. It represents a daily specific income amount for every day that he is confined, up to a maximum of 30 days per year.

When I subscribe to your healthcare programs, what proof of subscription do I receive?

When you subscribe online, you will receive a confirmation that a payment has been made. Depending on your program type, your certificate of cover, health card, dental card, and ANEC card will be sent to your residence or work place address based on your choice.

Who are ANEC's industry partners?

We have lots of merchant partners from retail stores, restaurants, resorts, eateries, salons, gasoline stations, and the like. Listings are also available online.

Who is qualified to avail the HIP?

Companies, corporations, organizations, and groups with at least 50 workers or members are qualified to avail of the package. Online subscription is available to individual workers. Subscriptions can also be sponsored or paid for online by relatives or loved ones working overseas.

Do I get an ANEC membership card?

Yes, you will get a virtual or physical membership card.

Why will I choose your company over others?

Our company has been in the business for more than 35 years with expertise in creating and reinventing packaged programs at affordable costs. Our dedicated teams handle customer service very seriously and our pool of dynamic partners are beyond compare.

Is COVID-19 covered by PCP?

Yes, PCP covers COVID-19 up to the maximum coverage limit of the plan.

Can I immediately use the cards as soon as I receive them?

Yes, you can use all cards immediately, provided the initial payment for the healthcare program has been made.